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Natural Breast Augmentation

Dr. Roger Khouri is the breast surgeon who perfected the innovative fat transfer breast augmentation alternative. He is also the inventor of Brava, a soft gel-like bra which is an external breast tissue expander. The device enables patients to have natural breast augmentation.The patient wears the Brava at night while she sleeps for a few weeks prior to her procedure. Through the use of low but continuous pressure over several weeks, it stimulates the woman's body to enlarge the breast and create a sufficient matrix for fat. The matrix is then filled with the patient's own fat (through liposuction) allowing for natural breast augmentation. Since liposuction is part of the breast augmentation procedure it is a two for one deal. A dream of many women, remove fat from here and put it there.

The process is considered state-of-the-art and is much safer than breast implants. Breast implants can in fact be very dangerous for even a slight aesthetic improvement. The FDA has recently linked lyphoma (A rare cancer) and women living with breast implants. Due to the obtuse implant procedures and health risks Dr.Roger Khouri has studied and performed the fat gratfing technique on hundreds of patients. All with satisfactory results. With fat transfer breast augmentation you no longer have to worry about leakage or obscured mammograms. Its all natural.

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